Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 9-11

I haven't weighed myself since Monday. I just keep forgetting to. I'll try to remember tomorrow.

Day 9-

Uneventful. I've been having weird cravings. I almost never crave stuff when i'm eating 1800 calories... so i'm not sure what's up with that. I have to recalculate, maybe i'm not eating enough.

Day 10-

I missed my Plyo workout. Hubby went to bed early and I just decided to follow him. :) Not good, but such is life.

Day 11-

Exercise: Plyometrics & Ab Ripper X

I know those 2 workouts dont' go together but since I missed the workout last night and tonight should have been shoulders & arms, I threw the Ab workout in the mix.

Diet: Still having cravings. Although today I did miss breakfast today. That i'm thinking is what threw my day off today. I didnt' pig out or anything. I've learned and gained lots of selfcontrol. I could have done better though that's for sure.

Water: Not enough. My jug is sitting on the table still half full, so I know I didnt' have enough. I was just so darn busy today that I neglected it. I will do better tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Have you given the Shakeology a try yet? I have one every morning and I can't stress enough how much it's helped with curbing cravings, cutting calories, and how... uh keeps me. It's completey changed my daily diet. Today is a week that I've been doing those for breakfasts.

    It's also super quick so with homeschooling first thing in the morning, it's been a Godsend!