Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 5

Weight: 134.56
BMI: 28.00
Change in weight: 1.21


Okay, let me explain what my free day is. On this day, I can eat whatever my little heart desires and however much I want to eat. In the past I used to pig out and eat really bad. I would stash every bad thing I gathered through out the week and eat it all on my free day. Horrible huh?

Anyway, now my free days usually consist of eating cereal for breakfast, something I miss. I love my FiberOne Honey Clusters. For lunch I usually have something light and Dinner is where I get to enjoy. :)

Anyway, I had a slight increase in weight, mostly water weight i'm assuming since I've really been good about eating well until Friday.

I took 3 bites of my daughters hot dog, had some grilled chicken, and I drank a can of soda. There was water but it was warm and boy was it hot that day. I didn't anticipate on attending Organizational day at my husband's job but right before I had left, I drank my Shakeology and I think that helped me control my food intake.

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